A Scriptural Rosary

A Scriptural Rosary

Language : English | Author : Paul Mathulla

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Book Name : A Scriptural Rosary
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Language : English


The holy rosary has been an integral part of Catholic devotion over the centuries. It is a biblical prayer that consecrated people in the Church as well as lay faithful use on a daily basis. It has evolved since the time of St. Dominic (12th Century AD), who, according to tradition, was gifted the first rosary by the Blessed Virgin Mary and was its pioneer. St. Louise Marie Montfort popularized it in the 1700s. The most recent change - the luminous mysteries – was introduced by the late Pope John Paul II in 2002. It can be thought of as a bouquet of prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is ever ready to intercede for us with her Son. How to use the Scriptural Rosary There are two basic elements in praying the scriptural rosary: (a) the recitation of the ‘Hail Mary’ attached to each bead of the decade; and (b) the recall of the Word of God attached to each bead of the decade. They occur simultaneously – the recitation of the ‘Hail Mary’ remains in the back of the mind like background music, while the Word of God particular to a bead is recalled and comes to the foreground of the consciousness. As we traverse the decade from one bead to the next with our fingers, we move from one Word of God to the other in our mind. Initially, this may be achieved by locating the Word of God ordered serially from 1 to 10 for each bead in this document. With practise, we become familiar with the Word of God and the sequence in which they are quoted, and the Scriptural Rosary becomes a deeply prayerful experience.

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