Basic Truths of Christian Faith

Basic Truths of Christian Faith

Language : English | Author : Abraham Panampara, S.D.B.

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Book Name : Basic Truths of Christian Faith
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Christians are the ones who are regenerated in baptism through faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the visible form of the invisible God (Heb. 1:3). Hence we know the nature of God and who He is for humankind only from Jesus Christ. In the first article of this book “God Our Father,” I have tried to show that God is the Father of the disciples of the Lord according to what was revealed by Jesus Christ, God’s Word Incarnate. In the course of the frequent interdenominational Christian meetings at our town, we have always and carefully insisted that all Christians are brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, in order to prevent offending anyone belonging to another Christian denomination. To illustrate this strikingly, one specific incident comes to mind: one day I was late for such an interdenominational meeting where the president of the interdenominational association had invited a speaker from a distant region to speak on the Christian Faith. The speaker chose to speak on the Blessed Virgin Mary. In his talk, the speaker belittled the Virgin Mary and stated that the Bible categorically affirmed that St. John the Baptist is greater than the Virgin Mary. He also added that Christian devotion to Mary is a form of idolatry and superstition. This view point has become rather fashionable among some non-Catholic pastors to attack the Virgin Mary and the form of Catholic devotion to Her. In my opinion, this is mainly due to the many Marian shrines and their corresponding pilgrimage centers such as Gundala in Vijayawada or Velankanni, among others, where a conspicuous percentage of non-Christians pilgrims come in faith to obtain favors from Mary in much the same way that they obtain favors from their many other goddesses. Hence non-Catholic Christian denominations bracket Catholic devotions to Mary as being no different from that of pilgrims visiting from afar the many shrines and temples of their goddesses. However, Catholic devotions to Mary and the many Marian pilgrimages have always been a veritable tradition of Catholics down through the ages where innumerous favors from Mary have indeed been privately and publicly documented. The fact that many non-Christians have also received favors from Mary in the course of their many pilgrimages to Her numerous shrines has led to a culture of faithful Marian devotions among many non-Christians. In the light of the true Catholic Tradition and doctrine it is therefore vitally necessary that all Catholics and Christians in general need to acquire the correct doctrinal definitions of the Mother of God and so I have endeavored to give in the second article of my book, the Virgin Mary’s greatness in the Kingdom of God and the importance of love and veneration that every Christian should have for Her. In another article I have tried to explain the meaning and significance of idolatry as this topic is very important in a country where idolatry is rampant; in the fourth article of this book I have tried to explain who man is and his/her function in this world. I am deeply indebted to Rev. Fr. Matthew Thekekara S.D.B., Professor of Sacred Scripture, in Christu Jyoti College, Bangalore, for his painstakingly going through the manuscripts in detail. He has suggested various valuable corrections, ideas and additions which I have profitably inserted in the book. My heartfelt thanks to Fr. Matthew. Lastly, due to the fact that my ideas and experiences are drawn from classroom situations, the orientation of my presentations is toward the common man supplemented with inevitable repetitions of ideas and quotations.

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