Becoming Mystics and Prophets in our Times

Becoming Mystics and Prophets in our Times

Language : English | Author : Thomas Menamparampil, SDB

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Book Name : Becoming Mystics and Prophets in our Times
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Language : English


Many in today’s market-driven society find the spiritual challenges associated with religious life too burdensome and the privations linked with them beyond endurance. Consequently, not a few withdraw in utter helplessness. Others, on the contrary, find in the demanding dimensions of Jesus’ message an irresistible power. They see that the future of the human race can be built up only by following the noble ideals that he proposes and the challenges he holds out. They feel a magnetic pull towards them. They generate in themselves the generosity they need to respond to the call of the carpenter’s son from Nazareth who presents a series of self-rewarding renunciations. In the present age when the consumer is king and self-interest is the supreme law, heroism is fast disappearing from the ranks. A self-serving society can produce only ‘softies’ and self-absorbed individuals. It is in this general climate that some see in the challenges of the Gospel an invitation to ascend to heroic heights in the service of humanity. They confront us at the core of our being. Their acceptance confers on us an inner dignity and endows us with enormous self-confidence. And this happens precisely at a time when entire societies are lowering their dignity in demeaning self-gratifications while expecting recognition and respect from others. You develop a strong sense of mission and grow conscious of a great destiny. You feel the presence of the Master of History active in your life and in the bewildering processes of human history. This paper was prepared for the national gathering of the Religious of India at Guwahati on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of their Conference. The theme given to me was “Becoming Mystics and Prophets in our Times”. It was with ‘fear and trembling’ that I accepted to speak to probably the biggest Religious Conference in the world on a very important occasion. I had too little competence on the topic given to me. And yet I accepted the challenge, because it was a pleasure for me to share a few thoughts with fellow-religious.

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