Beyond The Song of the Bird

Beyond The Song of the Bird

Language : English | Author : Paul Dominic, S.J.

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Book Name : Beyond The Song of the Bird
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Book Ref Number : ISBN 81-87804-32-7
Number of Pages : 216
Language : English


Sooner or later people come to realize that their life is one long hearkening to themselves, to others and to God. In the process they are surprised to find it is God himself/herself who hearkens inside them. Do you want so to hearken to the voice of your self, of others and of the Other? This book will take you hopefully through a course of such an experience in your own sphere, at your own pace. It will help you beware of the good ways that could prove to be misleading and, at the same time, lead you to stumble upon your right way! Paul Dominic is a member of the Andhra Jesuit Province. He has been involved for many years in the ministry of the Word, oral and written. His last two books God of Mission and God of the Gospel were brought out by Claretian Publications. His earlier Books were God of Justice, God of Charisms, Unsuspected Sources of Religious Life and Who has Believed our Report?

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