Christian Moral Theology Series (Vol 1 to 6)

Christian Moral Theology Series (Vol 1 to 6)

Language : English | Author : Andrew Anil Sequeira, OFM Cap

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Book Name : Christian Moral Theology Series (Vol 1 to 6)
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Language : English


Volume - I INTRODUCTION TO CHRISTIAN MORAL THEOLOGY - ISBN : 978-81-89851-60-6 (Size: 14 cms x 22 cms Weight: 375 gms Pages: 256) Volume I, is an introduction to the entire topic of moral theology. It is meant to get a broad overview of what ethics, morality and Christian morality are all about and learn the fundamentals for constructing a moral theology. It specifies the way of 'Living Christian life', as revealed to us by the Christian Scriptures, which is none other than a ‘Covenantal Morality'. This volume offers a sort of foundational understanding to the entire subject of moral theology and as such need to be read and digested before beginning to read the rest of the volumes.

Volume - II CONSCIENCE & CHRISTIAN MORAL LIFE - ISBN : 978-81-89851-61-3 (Size: 14 cms x 22 cms Weight: 415 gms Pages: 296) In Volume II, we turn to one of the two practical aids that we humans have for living concretely the Christian moral life. Of the two practical aids, one is subjective or internal which is Conscience; another is objective or external, which consists of normative codes of rules and regulations. Though both are equally important for living human life and the Christian life, the first one, Conscience has not yet received a wholly consistent elucidation. Conscience, unlike norms and regulations, is not a static but a dynamic and developing reality in human and Christian life. There exists a need for a more consistent understanding of conscience and that is what is attempted to explain in this volume, dealing with Conscience. The effort, therefore, is to understand precisely what Conscience really is, its nature and mode of its operation in human and Christian life.

Volume - III CHRIST, LAW & TEN COMMANDMENTS - ISBN : 978-81-89851-96-5 (Size: 14 cms x 22 cms Weight: 435 gms Pages: 312) Volume III makes an earnest endeavour to grasp the full import of 'Christ, Law and Ten Commandments, upholding the necessity of concrete rules and regulations for every society, community or a group of people, who wish to live together in peace and harmony. It understands all the directives or laws as the 'objective norms of morality' and takes the existing codes of laws, rules and regulations governing human and Christian life seriously. However, it insists that it is not merely what the human reason or genius has to say; but more what Christ has said with regard to Christian life that matters when formulating laws and regulations. To Christians, Christ is 'The Law' and all other commandments, norms and laws are to be understood and lived from the point of view of 'Living Christ'. Seen from Christ's perspective, 'Ten Commandments' do receive a great deal of broader, deeper and universal meaning and application. This updated understanding of Law as well as Decalogue, will help Christians to know ultimately, 'Christ, the Law', and be familiar with the basic import of living Christian morality.

Volume - IV THEOLOGY OF SIN & SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION - ISBN : 978-81-89851-97-2 (Size: 14 cms x 22 cms Weight: 485 gms Pages: 368) Volume IV clarifies the Theology of sin, especially from the biblical perspective, and explains how Christians should celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation, commonly known as Confession. It explains the biblical understanding of sin from the covenantal point of view and expounds a consistent idea of sin, which is readily understandable to all, taking into consideration the growing or 'becoming' nature of humans. If the Israelites sinned by 'breaking the covenantal relationship of Yahweh', the Christians, who live by Christ after Baptism and have the same filial relationship to God as Christ by being inserted into him, sin by breaking the relationship of Christ and God. Their sin is then known as the 'break of the filial relationship to God.' But we know God's fidelity, love and mercy is available to all humans and those who sin are invited through repentance, confession and penance to a life of Reconciliation. Sinners are accepted back into the filial relationship, which is the sum and substance of the message of Christian revelation. This Volume helps in updating the understanding of the theology of sin and also the theology of reconciliation, which is the need of the hour!

Volume - V CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE & SEXUAL MORALITY - ISBN : 978-81-89851-98-9 (Size: 14 cms x 22 cms Weight: 470 gms Pages: 352) In Volume V, having explored the biblical perception of human marriage and sexuality, Theology of marriage and sexual morality is expounded so that the specific identity of the married life that gives witness more to the incarnational dimension of Christ in the Church in contrast to the religious or celibate state of life that witnesses more to eschatological dimension of Christ in the Church is explained in the right perspective. The biblical and theological understanding of Christian marriage and all aspects involved in living the state of married life and marital sexuality in accordance with Christian morality is elaborated. Unlike earlier times, today marriage must, therefore, be clearly known as a 'sacred vocation', even while being a 'covenant' (not contract) and a 'sacrament'. Married people, accordingly, need all the understanding in the world as they strive to lead good Christian lives in today's world-situation. Sexual morality can only be rationally illuminated from the perspective of 'marriage'.

Volume - VI BIRTH, HEALTH & DEATH ISSUES IN BIO-MEDICAL MORALITY - ISBN : 978-81-89851-99-6 (Size: 14 cms x 22 cms Weight: 485 gms Pages: 360) The final Volume VI of the series is all about the importance of the human person's life from the very inception until its end. Human life needs to be prized, safeguarded and promoted and everything be subservient to the priceless worth of humans and their inalienable human dignity. This must be especially true with regard to all Issues of birth, health and death in Biomedical Morality. Modern sciences like genetics, gen-technology etc. are able to cross all the known natural boundaries and, therefore, stand in need of defining their boundaries, especially from an ethical and moral point of view. In a globalized world, all of us stand together or perish together. The criteria of human worth and human dignity provide us with a handy yardstick or useful standard for making right ethical and moral judgments and help draw consistent conclusions to resolve the bio-medical conflict situations, though not immediately formulate comprehensive directives. Life as such is never static but very dynamic. It is literally seen to grow and develop in leaps and bounds. All in all, moral issues in bio-medical field need to be considered from a holistic point of view even as from that of medical progress and human worth and dignity – a point reiterated time and again in this and other Volumes of Living Christian Life.

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