EXERCISING LEADERSHIP Servant Model Appreciative Inquiry Approach

EXERCISING LEADERSHIP Servant Model Appreciative Inquiry Approach

Language : English | Author : James Kannanthanam CMF

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Book Name : EXERCISING LEADERSHIP Servant Model Appreciative Inquiry Approach
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Language : English


As I have been conducting workshops on Exercising Leadership in the Institutes of Consecrated Life, I thought it good to compile together the materials as a handbook for those who follow the course. This is written from an interdisciplinary approach. The purpose is to make available to the religious and priests various concepts and ideas of leadership developed in the secular world for better management and animation of communities and institutions under their care. The leadership concepts like Appreciative Inquiry and Servant Leadership have been found very effective in the corporate world of leadership. How such approaches can be greatly beneficial and effectively applied in the religious circle is the main focus of attention in this work. It provides information and means to examine one’s leadership qualities and suggestions for improving leadership interventions. My contention is that focusing on the positive strengths of people and organizations, leadership can be most rewarding and happy experience than something to be seen as a burden. Drawing insights from positive psychology and organization development, leadership in the church could bring about a paradigm shift from the overused and abused deficit model to strength based model where everyone can find his or her joy and fulfillment as servants of God’s kingdom. The book will be useful not only for the students who follow the courses but also for others who want to make their leadership more positive and effective. 

About Author

James Kannanthanam is a Claretian Missionary presently serving as residential staff, professor, and spiritual director at the Institute of Consecrated Life in Asia (ICLA), Manila, Philippines, and professor at the Institute of Consecrated Life: Sanyasa, Bangalore, India. He holds a doctorate in Organization Development (OD) from the Southeast Asia Interdisciplinary Development Institute, School of Organization Development (SAIDI), Antipolo, Philippines, and a licentiate in psychology from the Institute of Psychology, Gregorian University, Rome.

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