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Our Sunday liturgies offer a bite-sized, structured and crucial approach to understanding God's word. From Empathy to Justice, by John DMello, makes our Sunday liturgies “come alive” by providing a lucid way of interpreting God's word for our times. 
DMello uses the art of narration in an instructive and productive manner. For instance, his personal sharing brilliantly illustrates the difference between empathy and sympathy. His stories often communicate deep spiritual and moral truths just like his very first story, which questions whether we value people or things. As in the Bible, there is a strong social message in most of these reflections. 
What the author emphasizes is the need to employ a structural or systemic approach in healing social wounds. This comes through in the very title of the book: the spiritual virtue of “empathy” needs to be supplemented by interpersonal and social “justice.” As Saint John Paul II used to emphasize, it is not easy to experience peace without justice. 
One of John DMello's special skills is the ability to simplify rigorous exegetical analysis, so as to present scriptural detail and insight in a manner which is easily comprehensible. The chapter Lopping off Rotten Branches, is a clear example where language and exposition is extremely reader friendly, and effortlessly brings out the link between scripture and contemporary life applications. The engaging and almost conversational style makes the book accessible and pleasant to read. I would recommend this book as a “must” to get the maximum from our Sunday liturgies. 
Keith D'Souza, S.J.
Prof. of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the Archdiocesan Seminary, Mumbai
President of the Association of Christian Philosophers of India (ACPI)

About Author

John DMello has been a professor of theology and sociology at St Pius College (the Bombay Seminary) for over twenty years and for six years on the Faculty of St. Vincent de Paul Seminary, Florida. Among his many tasks he taught the Social Doctrine of the Church and directed the program in Homiletics. He addressed the 38th General Assembly of the United Nations Commission on Social Development, and was part of the panel doing follow-up of the World Social Summit through the Copenhagen Program of Action. Besides parish ministry, he is currently a member of the Executive Board of PEACE, (People Engaged in Community Efforts) an inter religious organization that advocates for justice in Palm Beach County. His other publications include: Blown under by the Blue Revolution (1995), Dare to See Differently (2003), The Social Sources of Commitment (2005) Gospel Confronts Life (2016). He can be reached at:

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