God of Gospel

God of Gospel

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Book Name : God of Gospel
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Language : English


This book delves into some of the “plots” of the good story and details some of the themes, written in the pages of life and history by none other than God, and recorded in the sacred Bible by inspired people. This book is sure to lead the readers to prolong the old paradigmatic or archetypal story in themselves and become, in the process, a “cover story” of life for others, and so lend credence to the original story as relevant good news even today.

About Author

Paul Dominic is a Jesuit priest who has been engaged exclusively in the ministry of the Word since 1981. His writings have appeared in pastoral and theological journals in India and abroad since 1974. He is the author of Unsuspected Sources of Religious Life, God of Charisms: Comments Concerns, and Conflicts of Religious Life, God of Missions (Claretian Publications). He is presently working for the development of workshops and retreats on dreams

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