Gods Advice For You--||

Gods Advice For You--||

Language : English | Author : Regis Castro, ed.

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Book Name : Gods Advice For You--||
Weight (In gms) : 80
Book Ref Number : ISBN : 81-87804-66-1
Number of Pages : 228
Language : English


The Book of Ecclesiasticus is extermely rich and full of wisdom. It was necessary to divide and separate its messages into chapters which contained themes for the spiritual, family, social professional, and other ways of life. This is what we have done... how bountiful! My life and my family, in the same way that occurred with the Book of Proverbs, changed for the better starting with the reading of the Book of Ecclesisaticus. Would you like your life and that of your family to change for the better as well? Read it then with faith and an open heart. Put the written word into action and see the power of God working within you and in your loved ones...

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