Holiness in the Third Millennium

Holiness in the Third Millennium

Language : English | Author : Felix M. Podimattam, O.F.M.Cap

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Book Name : Holiness in the Third Millennium
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Number of Pages : FELIX PODIMATTAM,O.F.M. Cap.
Language : English


If God can be found only “in the desert” and in solitude, then he is not accessible to the bulk of men and women today. And in that case, we may say that the Incarnation has been a debacle. Fortunately, that is not so. Jesus Christ is awaiting all of us at the very heart of the world. We can meet him on the way, one who is there for everyone and in everything. We have the presence of the Divine Lover who is not apathetic to anything that concerns us, of the silent companion of our toils who mingles his redeeming blood with our daily sweat and collaborates with us to build the world which is destined to be transformed by the Father. Every person today can live in Jesus Christ and become holy and can do so without cutting himself or herself off from his or her life situation. Whatever be the vocation, everyone can encounter Jesus and unite himself or herself to him within the framework of his or her own life. As such, the life today, far from being an obstacle to divine union, is the standard place for a rendezvous with Christ. A daring life affirming invitation to everyone who seeks to do the will of god in their lives and attain perfection.

About Author

Felix M. Podimattam, O.F.M. Cap. is a top ranking moral theologian and has written extensively on morality, spirituality and social issues. A Post graduate of the university of Mysore in Political Science and Public Administration and of the Gregorian University in Systematic Theology, he received his doctorate in Christian Ethics from Alphonsianum, Rome. He teaches moral Theology at St. Francis Theological College Kottayam and gives lectures in various seminaries and religious institutes.

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