Holistic Spirituality

Holistic Spirituality

Language : English | Author : Sr. Teresa Purayidom

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Book Name : Holistic Spirituality
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Language : English


Today there is a growing interest in spirituality, both in religious and secular circles. Instead of IQ (Intelligence Quotient), people are now talking about SQ (Spiritual Quotient). Of course, the concept of spirituality too has undergone many changes. Despite the all pervasive materialism, consumerism and individualism, we can identify an obvious hunger for spirituality in the people of the developed and the developing world - in Asia, Africa and South America, as it is in the West. It is as if people are instinctively struggling to be freed from the fetters of a dualistic and mechanistic world-view that controlled our life and reality. As Albert Nolan says: “[…] it seems to me that by and large the new search for spirituality, the deep hunger for spirituality, is genuine and sincere. It is one of the signs of our times.” The many books written, the many centres of spirituality mushrooming all over the world, the many gurus and spiritual masters to whom large number of seekers flock are all signs of this hunger. People, infact, are looking for a holistic spirituality, where the body, soul, matter, earth, the ecosystem, and the web of human relationships are all seen in their interconnectedness.

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