I Paul

I Paul

Language : English | Author : Salvatore J. Bonano, CMF

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Book Name : I Paul
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Book Ref Number : ISBN 978-99937-923-8-3 (Macau) , ISBN 978-81-89851-38-5 (India)
Number of Pages : 290
Language : English


One cannot read the Vatican's document, "Nostra Aetate" (1965) and the subsequent "Guidelines" (1975) and "Notes..." (1985) without a guilt feeling that we Christians have left so much undone to improve our relations with the Jewish people. Not everyting in "I, Paul" will receive favorable Jewish comments, but at least the author will have to be complemented for trying to bring us closer to one another. "Nostra Aetate" pleads for forgiveness for past injustices and pledges reform. It calls for more intense study of the Torah, the prophets, the rabbinic commentaries. It wants us to acknowledge and appreciate what Judaism has to offer for the betterment of our world and to work together on social justice projects. This volume makes its own humble contribution to such topics as the need to study each other's Scriptures, the concept of holiness in our traditions and a brief look at the charge of "legalism." In the current debate on a mission to the Jews, the author believes that Christians with their acceptance of the Messiah are in a position to see that from the earliest apostolic times there has been a witness that presents the mission precisely to the Jews.

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