Kenosis Spiritualiy

Kenosis Spiritualiy

Language : English | Author : Felix M. Podimattam, O.F.M.Cap

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Book Name : Kenosis Spiritualiy
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Number of Pages : 168
Language : English


Christian life is indeed a participation in the mystery of Christ which may be described as paschal mystery of which surrender –kenosis- to God is a key factor. It meant giving up one’s autonomy and independence and living a life under the standard of God and his Spirit. When one meets the person of Jesus, anything that isn’t ordered to God is challenged, and in that challenge, he or she either surrenders –kenosis- or resists. Thus surrender –kenosis- or resistance is at the heart of the Christian life. The reign of God is brought about by surrender to God rather than by trying to be the creators of our own universe. In Kenosis Spirituality Father Felix proposes very concrete ways to people of all walks of life to achieve the kenosis process.

About Author

Felix M. Podimattam, O.F.M. Cap. is a top ranking Moral Theologian and has written extensively on morality, spirituality and social issues. He is the Author of How to Pray Always, Pre-marital Sex, Holiness in the Third Millennium, and Secular Institutes in the Twenty First Century (Claretian Publications).

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