Pentecost in Asia

Pentecost in Asia

Language : English | Author : Thomas C. Fox

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Book Name : Pentecost in Asia
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Book Ref Number : ISBN: 81-87804-62-9
Number of Pages : 240
Language : English

About Author

Thomas C. Fox's Pentecost in Asia: A New Way of Being Church presents in clear and lucid prose the emergence of a unique, prophetic model of Catholic Church in Asia. Fox insists that “Asian Catholics today have something very important to share with the wider Church”a “new way of being church” that seeks solidarity with the poor, dispossessed and marginalized and fights for justice on their behalf; that seeks dialogue, harmonious relations and collaboration with ancient Asian religions and cultures; and that seeks consultation and consensus-building in ecclesial leadership. Nevertheless, Pentecost in Asia is easily the best introduction to the Asian church in English and easily accessible to Western readers. It ought to be read, not just by those who are interested in Asian Catholicism, but by everyone who is interested in the future prospects and directions of the global Catholic Church in the new millennium.

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