Practice of Interreligious Dialogue

Practice of Interreligious Dialogue

Language : English | Author : Vincent Sekhar

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Book Name : Practice of Interreligious Dialogue
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Language : English


In many of the meetings and conferences on the Church and her Mission in Asia, a discussion on the Church’s relationship with other religions will surface and, finally, the need for education and training in Interreligious dialogue at all levels will emerge strongly. Given today’s Indian context of religious fundamentalism and communal violence, dialogue is indispensable. The different religious communities in India are aware of the significance of joining hands with one another in promoting social well-being, peace and harmony of the whole environment. This book is just an introduction to the Ministry of Dialogue, and not a theological treatise on theology of religions and interreligious dialogue. But a basic Christian theological vision is given to philosophy and theology students in approaching other religions through official Church (and the Jesuit) documents. Hope they would suffice.

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