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Anger Unending?
This book looks at Anger in a vast variety of world situations and in different periods of human history. It casually refers to the violence attributed to tyrants and world conquerors. It dwells for a while on the pain associated with colonial expansion, slavery, hunt for resources, and the hurtful memories and anger left behind. 
It reflects on the agonies that a society goes through moving from agricultural economy to an industrial economy, and the contextual anger experienced even today.  It stays for some time in the Middle East and explores the causes of anxieties there, youth bulge, unemployment, external interference, and the consequent anger in diverse places.  It mulls over the insensitive side of the oil rush, arms trade, conflict sponsorship, growing political patronage of criminal elements at diverse levels. 
You say, I am not guilty. When you do nothing to redeem the situation, you too are guilty. So am I. Anger need not remain unending. The book invites you to a sense of responsibility, intelligent thinking,   sensitivity to pain, respect for the other, and commitment to the cause of peace. At times a single timely word can make all the difference! It can heal wounds, build bridges. There are times when you can make even the 'unthinkable' happen! The challenge remains!
Thomas Menamparampil

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