The Changing Paradigms

The Changing Paradigms

Language : English | Author : Diarmuid O’Murchu, msc

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Book Name : The Changing Paradigms
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Number of Pages : 280
Language : English


This book evaluates afresh the time-honored traditions of the vowed life that seem to have served their time. It also names and describes the new horizons of meaning and hope we are now invited to embrace. And perhaps, most helpful of all, it describes the transition from the old to the new, offering insights that help to make sense of the turbulent and challenging times in which we live. Diarmuid O’Murchu, msc, has been a member of the Sacred Heart Missionary Congregation for the past 30 years. A priest and social psychologist, he has worked with Religious Congregations in five continents. His written works include Reframing Religious Life (2001), Vows for Non-Violence (2002), Our World in Transition (2003), and Evolutionary Faith (2003).

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