The Cultural Background of the Old Testament

The Cultural Background of the Old Testament

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Book Name : The Cultural Background of the Old Testament
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Indian Theology is lively. There are even those who would find it too lively! But it is still lacking in some important parts of its equipment. Especially it has too few specialists in the Old Testament. Many are those who have been trained in neo-testamental research. But the voice of the Torah, Nebiim and Ketubim is not sufficiently heard in the present debates of Indian Theology. Sometimes for instance, Christian indebtedness to Ancient Israel is summarily dismissed as so much left-over of narrow minded Semitic particularism, exclusivism, aggressiveness, etc., statements which smack ominously of unconscious yet quite effective anti-Semitism. This deficiency in our Theological equipment makes Fr. Luke’s work all the more significant. Dr. Lucien Legrand, St. Peter’s Pontifical Institute, Bangalore.

About Author

Fr. Luke, O.F.M.Cap. holds an STL from the Gregorianum, an LSS from the Biblicum and a Ph.D in Semitic Philosophy from the University of Chicago. He has published as many as 400 articles-both technical and Popular- in English and Malayalam, on Bible-especially the Hebrew Bible, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. He is the author of Non-Paradigmatic forms of Weak Verbs in Masoretic Hebrew and the TPI Companion to the Bible, Vol. I & II.

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