The Enchantment of  Consecrated Life

The Enchantment of Consecrated Life

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Book Name : The Enchantment of Consecrated Life
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Isolation, seclusion, reprehension, the old and obsolete are not lovely things; freshness, rebirth, regeneration are lovely things that are interconnected, that create communities, solidarities, that surprise and foster the future. To give a reason for our hope is to do it on behalf of thousands and thousands of people who, since the first centuries of the Church's history until today, have lived an adventure that in many cases concluded in the unexpected territories of mysticism; on behalf of those who have been giving his life to God and to his cause, have relegated to Him for a lifetime and through Him have been doing good for the needy, for the neighbors. Although "all that glitters is not gold" there are ways to live this vocation that do not have any charm, the minority phenomenon of the consecrated life, yes it is gold and charming, when lived with alertness, balance, serenity, faith, lucidity. We need today, again, in the second decade of the 21st century, "to give a reason" for this form of Christian life, to present with humility all its charm and beauty.

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