The Gospel According To The Beloved Disciple

The Gospel According To The Beloved Disciple

Language : English | Author : Gospel of John, Jose Maniparampil

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Book Name : The Gospel According To The Beloved Disciple
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Book Ref Number : ISBN 81-89851-57-8
Number of Pages : 384
Language : English


This Book is primarily meant as a textbook for students of scripture. But licentiate or master’s degree students or even doctorate level students may find some interesting materials in it. We have approached the text of the Fourth Gospel from the viewpoint of narrative criticism and rhetorical method. But the findings of historical critical approach are not at all sidelined, but made use of. Hebrew and Greek terms are given in their English transliterated form for the sake of the lay reader of the text. Discussions on the structure and purpose of the Fourth Gospel are given in detail. This revised edition has a new name, The Gospel according to the Beloved Disciple, instead of the previous title, Reading the Fourth Gospel. The reason for this change will be known in the course of reading this book. But, we will be using the title the Fourth Gospel all throughout our discussion.

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