The Prophetic Witness of The Religious

The Prophetic Witness of The Religious

Language : English | Author : Sr. Dr. Ancil Karikulam, SABS

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Book Name : The Prophetic Witness of The Religious
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Book Ref Number : ISBN: 978-81-898521-67-5
Number of Pages : 292
Language : English


India is a mosaic of cultures. The plurality of cultures, customs and traditions is another important challenge that the Church faces in the Indian scenario. Since the cultures are shaped by geographical settings, historical experiences and many social factors, it is an uphill task for the missionaries to evangelize in the Indian context. Therefore, the author asserts that 'religious pluralism and cultural diversity of India demand that Church be a prophetic community. The Indian Church becomes faithful to her prophetic call by involving herself in the missionary activities. In situations of hunger, poverty, injustice, oppression and exploitation, the Church must fight against them for a free and just society. Then the Indian Church will become a prophetic community and their witness will become an authentic prophetic witness.’

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