The Rosary-A Christo-Centric Marian prayer

The Rosary-A Christo-Centric Marian prayer

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Book Name : The Rosary-A Christo-Centric Marian prayer
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In his papal wisdom, the servant of God, John Paul II affirmed the true nature of the Rosary of the Virgin Mary, saying, “If properly revitalized, the Rosary is an aid and certainly not a hindrance to ecumenism!" Through these inspired words he openly expressed his faith in the power of the Rosary and his heartfelt desire, as Vicar of Christ, for world-wide Christian unity through the prayer loved by Mary, Mother of Jesus, Help of all Christians, Mother of the Church and Mother of humanity. At Fatima, the Blessed Virgin gave the ejaculation prayer to the shepherd children making the Rosary an effective Christ-centered prayer from a Marian perspective; which is also the essence of praying the Rosary, namely for the conversion of souls. “Whoever spreads the Rosary

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