Wandering in the Wilderness

Wandering in the Wilderness

Language : English | Author : Alex Rebello

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Book Name : Wandering in the Wilderness
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Book Ref Number : ISBN 978-81-89851-06-4
Number of Pages : 240
Language : English


Deep in the heart of every person is the desire for the Divine that goes well beyond organised religion for it is deeply human and innate, having been implanted by God, howsoever we understand him. This desire is insatiable for it is never fully satisfied. The more one thirsts for the Divine, the thirstier one gets! Like drinking from a stream – one quaffs but can never quench one's thirst, for one must return to drink again as the stream continues to flow. Paradoxically, it is to the desert that the Lord leads us to quench this thirst. There he leads us to speak to our hearts: the desert of silence and solitude. To this wilderness we must dare to journey and there learn just to wait, wander and wonder!

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