Building Strong Neighbourhoods

Building Strong Neighbourhoods

Language : English | Author : Vincent Sekhar

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Book Name : Building Strong Neighbourhoods
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Language : English


The majority Hindus are expected to acknowledge the identities of the minority communities, acknowledge and accept their presence and treat them with dignity and respect. And the minority communities are to get rid of any undue fear or anxiety and help in their personal, communitarian, and the national growth. The Constitutions provide the guarantee for enjoying such an Order of life. In recent times, the Hindu militant forces have been threatening the very fabric of this pluralistic order, experienced and lived by a variety of people, whose rights and claims are guaranteed by the Constitutions and the Law of the land. These forces have reasons for their claims (of nationhood and citizenship), and demand the government and the minority communities to subscribe to their views and practice. Meanwhile, political leaders hand-in-glove with religious leaders exploit the religious sentiments of the people for their own vested interests. In the bargain, they receive the support of the influential and the moneyed, who in turn need the support of political and religious leaders.

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