Jesus of Nazareth Cover_2014

Jesus of Nazareth Cover_2014

Language : English | Author : Johanna Brandstaetter scsc

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Book Name : Jesus of Nazareth Cover_2014
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Book Ref Number : ISBN: 978-81-89851-59-0
Number of Pages : 32
Language : English


Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, spoke of himself as ‘The Son of Man’. He taught, healed, suffered, died and rose again from the dead after three days for mankind's redemption from sin and death. His life on Earth is incomparably more important for the people of all Continents and Generations, than the lives of all Saints and Sages of the whole of human history. The sole purpose of this little booklet is to awaken in the readers the desire to know more about this greatest and most important Personality, who has ever walked on this Earth.

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